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Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. and that is giving lock out refs more leverage. and one source says the difference is about $2 and there is defensive players taking advantage and we found one raider going to miss the replacement officials. >> and either way there is still bad form and we're going to still go out there and play football. >> there is a fine for the hit against raider receiver and he was taken to the hospital and thankfully is okay and expected to make a recovery. how about raiders defense? signing andre carter, former cal bear had 76 sacks and 10 last year with patriots before an injury and carter arriving just in time to face peyton manning sunday. >> he's peyton manning and there is no way we're going to say he's the sfaim quarterback and i don't see a drop off. >> with road games they're staying back east in young town, ohio prepping for a game with the jets there is a special week for safety daunte whitner from ohio. >> this last year, they came here and said there is a good time. and this is a good time for us to come here and bond together. and knowing we're in hotels all day. i goat come home. >> and the team
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for the touch. and san francisco played a complete game. offense, defense and special teams. larry grant with the punt block. sets up a short such down run by kendall hunter. 245 rushing and 3tds on the ground, improving to 3-1. the 34-0 shutout of the jets. how about collin? >> it was great. effective. like three rushes for 50 yards. he's a good player. good player. happy for him. he works extremely hard. he can help this team so it's fun to see him get out there and have success. >> raiders in denver. peyton manning and the broncos. peyton takes him 80 yards first play. the 23-yard strike. 7-0, broncos. third quarter, manning again, this time to eric decker. he goes down the sidelines, 17 yards for the score. 17-6, denver. raiders did not show up today. carson palmer could not get anything going. 19 of 34, 202 yards, no t ds, almost picked off here. manning 338 yards, three touches. this one to lance ball, he trots into the end zone. broncos held the ball for half the game. raiders worst performance of the year. they fall 1-3 of the season. broncos, first win over oakland for a long ti
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and there is defense stunned in the first drive of the game. there his team down the field on a 16 play drive first of two touchdown passes and running one. niners will regroup and may be a good thing they're staying to prepare for the jets next sunday and so they can concentrate on getting back on the winning track. it's time to step up to get rid of the refs not only for the game but safety of the players. there is a yesterday jim harbaugh allow two plays and going to cost two turnovers and gave minnesota the victory. there is a no penalty calls and patriots head coach so frustrated he put his hands on a ref after the game. and a's have 10 games left with seven against rangers there is a's in texas to start a four game set. there is a attack-0 a's. a's playing long ball. there is a highlights tonight at 11:00. and there is or yils and blue jays steve johnson pulls a bat out of the hands of ed win incarnation. there is a lead, and then, into the 5th there is game one of a double header and will have a game and a half lead in the world card. green bay taking on seattle. >> thank you very much. that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3